Transforming Engineering Education co-Laboratory

Closing the Gap Between Research and Practice

The Transforming Engineering Education co-Laboratory (TEEL), in the Department of Biomedical of Engineering @ the University of Michigan, is committed to bridging the gap between education research and engineering instruction to enhance student learning. Distinct from traditional engineering disciplines and education research, this research lies at the intersection of engineering, education, and the social sciences. Members of the laboratory, with a deep understanding of engineering, leverage qualitative and quantitative education research methods to explore innovative means of transforming engineering programs to meet the changing roles of engineers in the global economy. Biomedical engineering graduate students have the option of pursuing their primary research in engineering education while completing one of the BME graduate concentrations to satisfy the master’s degree requirements and the Rackham Certificate in Engineering Education Research to fulfill their PhD requirements.  Students  pursuing their primary research in a traditional BME research group, but also interested in engineering education, can pursue a smaller education project as a portion of their thesis with TEEL and/or pursue a U-M Teacher Certificate.

Research Focus Areas:

  1. Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education
  2. Biomedical Engineering Instructional Change 
  3. Biomedical Engineering Identity and Interdisciplinarity
  4. Strategies for Front-End Design