Biomedical Engineering Education is a new BMES journal to be published by Springer. In an effort to serve the BMES educational community during the COVID-19 pandemic, Biomedical Engineering Education  published a special inaugural issue one in Fall 2020 with Teaching Tips articles describing prior, current, and planned efforts by BME programs to address remote teaching and learning challenges. The purpose of this issue was to share tools and resources for the upcoming year. Papers highlight teaching practices that were or will be implemented to support remote teaching and learning in BME during the COVID-19 pandemic. Examples include course delivery, supporting group work in projects or labs, creating learning communities and social cohesion among students, providing professional development, and training and supporting teachers remotely. 

Biomedical Engineering Education is now proud to begin accepting all papers for publication.  Biomedical Engineering Education publishes five article types: Research, Innovation, Teaching Tips, Perspectives, and Review Articles. Articles should have wide appeal to address issues related to teaching and learning in bioengineering, biomedical engineering, and allied fields. Research questions, innovations, and teaching practices should be supported by prior educational research, as documented in the literature. 

Biomedical Engineering Education is an interdisciplinary, international journal that presents articles on the practice and scholarship of education in bioengineering and biomedical engineering. The journal publishes a wide range of topics to advance the quality of all levels of education. The planned launch of the journal across a broader field of topics will be in 2021. For information about submission to Biomedical Engineering Education, please contact Ann Saterbak ( 

Downloadable PDF:  BMES-BMEE Title Page Template

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