Quantifying the Self: Three Lectures on Human Instruments

So excited to co-host the “Quantifying the Self” Lecture Series with The Bioethics Discussion Group:  three lectures on advanced biomedical instrumentation and their role in our modern human condition (our “biomedical condition”). 
  1. Jan 24 – “For the heart, life is easy” – Cardiovascular dynamics as measured by pressures, volumes, and flows;
  2. Feb 7 – “I sing the body electric” – Electrophysiology of the brain (EEG), the heart (ECG), the muscles (EMG), the eyes (EOG), and the gut (EGG); and
  3. Mar 14 – “Health lies in action” – The next generation of physiological monitoring wherein wearables and therables meet physiology when and where it happens.
Each will occur on a Wednesday starting at 1:30pm (ending around 3pm/3:30pm) in 1123 LBME. [With the first one starting next week!]
If you’ve got a particular interest medical devices, how they are practically used and designed, or just want to learn more about how the heck we know what’sQuantifying the Self – Three Lectures on Human Instruments going on inside ourselves, I encourage you to come. These events are open to all students, so do please feel free to share it with others and/or bring a friend.